Our mission is to teach children to create, persevere, and communicate successfully - education for life.

A Quick Workshop Education Quiz ~


  • Do you believe the research about the importance of children learning successful executive functioning and innovation skills, but aren't quite sure how to teach them?
  • Do you sometimes feel that managing the after school schedule is a full time job?
  • Do you wish your child had more time to expand and deepen friendships from school?


Workshop Education can help. We offer daily study skills and innovation enrichment classes created to give children the skills they need, and families the flexible scheduling they want. 


Our award winning program started six years ago and now serves nine elementary and middle schools in the Bay Area.  We have been voted a Bay Area Parent Favorite for three years in a row, and have been featured in  The New York Times,  The Daily JournalUniversity of Virginia education magazine, and Design Thinking in Schools


Here's how Workshop is different from "regular" after school enrichment classes:

  • Our enrichment classes aren't just enriching - they are necessary. Our curriculum is curated to focus on skills research shows that children most need to be happy and successful - executive functioning and innovation abilities. It is also practical. An evening without staring down homework can be a huge boost to the quality of family life.
  • Your child can access our enrichment when it fits into their schedules. As a parent, committing to eight weeks for a set hour for a class can be difficult at best. You think you have the jigsaw puzzle worked out, and voila, the soccer practice day changes! These changes can be frustrating and expensive. With Workshop, you can change your schedule by 5 p.m. for the next day, giving children more opportunities to learn important skills, and only pay for the enrichment minutes your child actually attends.
  • Rather than spending more time in the car, and getting used to new teachers and children every eight weeks, your child can access, expand and deepen friendships from school, and form an ongoing relationship with our caring, brilliant educators who have time to really get to know your child. 


Parents say that their children have higher grades, are more engaged in learning, and demonstrate much higher confidence in and out of school after joining Workshop enrichment. 


Learn more about how a student experiences a typical day at Workshop. 


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