Creativity Awards 2020

The inspiration for the awards came from EB White, the author of Charlotte's Web. He once wrote a short story describing a creative writing contest he won as a child, and how exciting that was for him. He always remembered winning the first place award, and he had great pride in this accomplishment – as much, or even more, than later awards he won for his famous books! It got us thinking about how good it can feel to have your talent and effort validated in this way. Also, contests are really fun!  


The categories were Design, Creative Writing, Art and Student Choice.  A Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist were selected for each category. Each student earned a $5 gift card to Michaels and a certificate for them to treasure. Participation was optional. Our second contest will occur in spring.

And the Winners Are . . .


ART - Gold - Abby Johnson, Emma Bunch, Micaela Lyon (Faces) / Silver - Miles Duvall (Llama with wings)   / Bronze - Logan Allen (Paper Cutouts)


DESIGN -  Gold -Makena Glynn, Arabella Peterson (Candy Store) / SilverKayla Cresci, Sadie Bunch (LOL City and Cupcake School) /BronzeArabella Peterson, Michael Peterson, Evan Krimm (Haunted House).


STUDENT CHOICE - Gold - Ella Woodburn & Suranya Ebersole-Amtey(Music Only Allowed) / Silver Ella Woodburn & Lila Conragan (Space Lover’s Model)



ART - GoldKai Kraus (Super-Sized White DNA in 3/2-D) / Silver- Lucas Reisenberg, (Olympic Archer and Skier) / Bronze- Ethan Keim (Fishy Fossil)


DESIGN - Gold - Lucas Reisenberg, Ben Woolsey and Kai Kraus (Lego Skate Park) / Silver– Greyson Kam (A Shoe Surprise Card) 



STUDENT CHOICE –- Gold– Charlene Xu, Sanah Ayyar, and Anna Lee (Dance) 



ART - Gold– Elizabeth Von Bleichert (Horse Drawing) / Silver– Nicholas Serrano Bustos (Black and White Drawing) / Bronze– Bowie Boyle (Portrait)


DESIGN - Gold– Nicholas Serrano Bustos (Cosmos Project) / Silver- Carlo Chisari (Shelves)


STUDENT CHOICE - Gold – Jenna Kuo – (Mobile/Parachute)



ART - Gold– Adele Tsang (Fall Tree) / Silver– Alexis Hong (Clay Art) / Bronze– Arjun Mehta (Paper Sculpture)


DESIGN - Gold– Anja Nandan (How to Draw a Pretty Book) / Silver – Jayson Lee (Jayson’s Bag)


CREATIVE WRITING - Gold- Audrey Kim and Lexie Rezneck (The Kidnapt Princess)




ART - Gold– Emmaline Kang (Christmas Tree with Hand Prints) / Silver– Evangelina Tsolakis (DIY Turkey) / Bronze– Joseph Stepp-Singh (Marshmallow snowman)


DESIGN - Gold– Farris Ojeil and Lucca Keighery (Robotic Arm) / Silver– Lucca Keighery and Elliot Keighery (Block Village) / Bronze– Joseph Stepp-Singh (STEM buildings project)


STUDENT CHOICE - Gold– Joseph Stepp-Singh, Grace Ciccolella, Emmaline Kang (Workshop Utopia)