The Top Three Ways Presentations Will Change Your Child's Life

Presentations take place at the end of each Innovation Workshop enrichment class either with finished or in-progress projects.


Here are the top three way it will change your child's life:


#1 - Embracing Public Speaking


Children who are used to presenting in front of their peers frequently build a huge comfort with presenting in front of people. As an adult, I have seen friends reap the benefits of being willing to speak in public. I have seen others hampered by their fear of doing so in a variety of professions. Our students will have the confidence to do so. We also hear frequently that student's participation in class during the school day goes up noticeable after attending Workshop. We think this is a combination of constantly asking them for their learning reflections coupled with presentation time. 


#2 - Noting Strengths First


Children have to navigate two things as part of presentations. The listeners at presentations have to learn to give very specific strengths before giving suggestions. The instinct to notice and point out strengths in work environments is much appreciated. The first thing I learned in my first job editing textbooks was to teach the author what they did well and why. This always proceeded suggestions! This also teaches children to learn and play to their strengths.


#3 - Phrasing Suggestions Positively


The presenter then has to graciously field questions and consider suggestions diplomatically - another huge life and work skill, when done well. We spend a great deal of time modeling and supporting how to positively phrase suggestions, and how to graciously consider them! 


These three skills are somewhat invisible yet powerful social skills that help you feel you have a contributing voice in your life and professions. We explicitly teach and practice them until they become second nature - education for life.