Why I Love Workshop

Last week, I walked into South for My Company Day, and talked to this boy about his company, called Book Play. He was selling books called Games. He is 5 years old. 

During the course of this visit, I interviewed him and asked him what was the hardest part of creating his company. He said, "The words".  When I looked at the books he was selling, I realized what he meant. 

He had created all of the words to his book. The teachers had copied every word he said and then typed them up for him, so there could be multiple copies. Do you know how much perseverance he had to have to think of each direction, and how much patience and caring his teachers had to capture all of his words? 


He had thought of everything. For basketball, he noted: "First, you get a ball that bounces. You get a basketball court." So, how could I not love this job, when I have the honor of being with such tenacious learners, and the most caring teachers I have ever worked with. 


I see this potent combination of sparked learners and teachers as champions of students across all the Workshop Education classes at eight locations, and feel very proud of our students and teachers.