From Parents


"We're delighted with the academic enrichment program offered by Workshop Education.We've also seen a positive impact on her grades, where she earned the Principal's Honor Roll!" 



"Our child has really flourished in the program. We have seen a great improvement in school work. His confidence is so much higher. Thank you!"



“The children learn things they don't necessarily learn during their regular school day.”


“My children are always happy to go to Workshop. They are learning wonderful social skills and using their creativity.”



“I love knowing they are doing interesting projects that nurture their creativity and ability to collaborate.”


"Workshop is enrichment, social, and tailored to my child’s needs."


"We have really appreciated Workshop's "flexible" schedule.  We are very thankful for this opportunity and it has really saved me re: figuring out each day as it comes…" 



“I like the teachers, guest speakers & presenters, business projects, and encouragement to be creative.”


“I like the creativity of the activities and the camaraderie built between the grades.”


“The addition of the Workshop program has had an invaluable impact on our children's 'work life'. My daughter is enchanted with the program and is challenged and nurtured by your outstanding curriculum. You have given her an outlet for her creative persuasions and have helped her discover many latent talents. Both of my children now love to do surveys and, much to my surprise and delight, both enjoy writing stories and 'books'.”


"It has been 5 years since our daughter was in your Workshop.  She is now a sophomore in high school and she is published in both the school magazine and her school newspaper.  You helped develop her love of writing and encouraged her to be herself. Thank you for all of your hard work."



“My son really enjoys Workshop and apparently he is now considering pursuing a writing career! That, coming from a kid who struggles so much with spelling and reading, is truly amazing!



“You have a wonderful group of young scientists and I’m impressed with your program. I wish I had the same opportunity when I was growing up.”

~ Visiting Stanford University Scientist


From Students


"I have never been asked to invent anything until now."




“I love going to school because I get to go to Workshop."




"I learned how fun it is to make your own business, maybe with a partner or two, making stuff that has never been invented."



"I like how I can focus on my homework. At home there are too many distractions."