Procedure. Once your application has been approved, you can add or drop classes by 7 a.m. the morning of class using the parent portal. You log in as a member, and go to the schedule tab. Move to the correct month, and select or unselect days as needed for each child. If the day is not available, it is either a school holiday or classes are already full that day. Save the changes in the cart. The wording discusses payment, as many other programs make you pay ahead. However, we only bill you for enrichment minutes attended, so you do not owe anything on checkout.

No Show and Unscheduled Attendance Policy. If a child doesn't show up when expected, or shows up when not expected, this becomes very stressful for our students and for our teachers to sort out. It takes time away from welcoming and monitoring our other students. We can provide flexible scheduling and high quality enrichment classes successfully for our registered students only if we know who to expect each day.

No Show Fee. ($30 a day). The system automatically applies this fee when your child is scheduled to attend on the parent portal, but does not PIN in. Please take the time to remove classes on the portal by 7 a.m. the day of, so that you will not get anymore "no show" fees.

Unscheduled Attendance Fee. ($30 a day) This means you did not schedule your child to attend classes by 7 a.m. the day of classes, or before the class filled, but your child arrived to sign in. Please take the time to add classes on the portal by 7 a.m. the day of, so that you will not get anymore "unscheduled attendance" fees. If the class is full, that means you will need to make other plans.

Late Fee. ($5 per minute per child) This fee is for picking up after 6 p.m., because our teachers have commitments, and need to pick up their children, go to classes etc.

Integration with Other Activities or Sports. If you want to give your child permission to sign in and out of Workshop to attend other classes or sports on campus, you must create a PIN for your child by adding the child as a contact on the parent portal. You must email the site director to let them know the start and end dates of the activity, start and end time, and whether the child will sign in to Workshop classes after. If the activity is right after school, the child should go directly to the activity.