Want Workshop?

Do your students struggle with executive functioning skills leading to stress and frustration academically? 

Do your teachers find it difficult to fit in innovation and design thinking skills?

Do your families find it stressful to manage schedules which constantly change? 


If so, Workshop Education can help.


In short, we provide daily award winning Study Skills Workshops and Innovation Workshop enrichment classes in the all subject areas - at the school site. We handle all the details from registration to billing. We provide flexible scheduling to provide more enrichment opportunities for children. You provide a space to hold Workshop. That's it. Parents report that their children perform better during the school day after attending Workshop, so the entire school benefits.


Due to our commitment to high quality educators and ongoing training, we only open a limited number of new sites each year. Contact Alexa Frisbie at alexafrisbie@workshopeducation.org or 650.533.5727 if you would like to discuss expanding the enrichment opportunities for your students.