Enrichment Classes

Workshop enrichment classes takes place on the school site on all days that school is in session for students. We offer ten enrichment classes a week and flexible scheduling so children can access more enrichment classes with changing sports schedules etc. 


Times Class Offered
Kindergarten Dismissal - Regular Dismissal Kindergarten Enrichment Class
Regular Dismissal - 4:30 p.m.  Study Skills Enrichment Class
4:30 - 6:00 p.m.  Innovation Enrichment Class

Kindergarten Enrichment Classes

At schools where the kindergarteners have early out, this is a special program just for our youngest learners. With hands-on learning experiences that integrate math, literacy, and social skills in meaningful ways, students create while building friendships. This program helps the children quickly make and deepen friendships while increasing confidence during school. Each class follows this routine:

  • Story Time Literacy
  • Imaginative Literacy and Math Play
  • Student Presentations

Special Note to Hatch K Parents:

We do not have a Kindergarten only enrichment class at Hatch. Kindergarten students may attend our regular program which begins at 1:45 daily, or at school wide early dismissals.   


Special Note To Hillsborough K Parents:

At Hillsborough, if you are not sure whether your kindergartener will have 1:15 early dismissal or 2:45 regular dismissal, please register for 1:15 early dismissal, and email your site director once the placement has been determined. Please give the school specific reasons when you request early or late dismissal, including the need for early out Workshop. 

Study Skills Enrichment Classes

Our Study Skills enrichment classes teach students to manage academics successfully. Each class follows this routine: 

  • We teach a new academic study skill or life skill.
  • We teach individualized study skill lessons related to daily homework.

We help students improve:

  • Top Three Executive Functioning Skills: working memory, mental flexibility, self control
  • Organization
  • Pacing homework without running out of time
  • Reviewing homework for best work
  • Learning through questioning
  • Managing stress effectively
  • Successful conflict resolution skills
  • Goals for the future vs. appreciating the now
  • Good manners in school and work


Middle school students also learn:

  • Taking notes
  • Studying for tests efficiently
  • Breaking large assignments into logical and manageable piece
  • Connecting with teachers / finding mentors / references


Innovation Enrichment Classes

Our innovation classes a year in all subject areas teach children STEM, design thinking, and leadership skills with our unique innovation classes in all subject areas including writing, science, public speaking, entrepreneurship, fine arts, math, and design thinking as taught at Stanford University's d.school. 


Our classes follow this routine:

  • We begin with a mini-lesson posing a challenge related to the class topic
  • Children have active team project time to work
  • Class ends with presentations: students share what they created that day and hear strengths and questions and suggestions from peers and teachers.


From creating and marketing the perfect ice-cream recipe to developing their own companies, Workshop students are fully engaged in learning. Each class is designed to provide a stand-alone learning experience for drop-in students, as well as richer learning experiences for students who complete the 1 to 2 week units.