2018-19 Innovation Annual Plan


In 2018-2019 innovation enrichment classes, students will strengthen their ability to create, persevere and communicate successfully. 


August / September


What Makes First Days Hard & How to Make Them Better - Your First Design Thinking Challenge

Learning About Each Other Through Surveys 

The Coloring Book of Me 

Inventive Art - Your Senses and Creativity Combine 

Advanced Engineering Paper Challenges 

Building Your Own City - What Would It Include? 




Design Thinking Challenge – Designing Happy School Mornings 

Explain the Pattern Math Challenges 

Comic Book Creations 

Campaigns and Elections for Workshop Class Representative 



Chance vs. Skill - Probability in Real Life 

Introduction to  Writer’s Workshop 

Discover Yourself - Psychology 101 



Debate Club 

Design Thinking Inventions for Everyday Problems - An Invention Contest 



My Company 



Become a Great Editor 

Becoming Your Healthiest Self 

Silent Movies - Create Your Own



Harry Potter Inspired STEM Challenges 

Learning from Artistic Masters 

Sharing Your Special Talents 

The Art of Persuasion in Writer's Workshop 



Hot Air Balloons

Experimenter's Workshop - Which Brand of Tape Works Best? 



Designing Mini 3-D Mazes 

Creativity in Nature 

Experimenter's Workshop - Learning About States of Matter 

Fairytale / Fantasy Writing - What Makes It Work? 



Plan and Play - Workshop Field Days 


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