2018-19 Study Skills Annual Plan


In 2018-2019 Study Skills Classes, students will learn to manage their school life successfully.


August / September  - Doing Your Most Brilliant Work 


Our Study Skills Class - Learning Good Habits 
Your Homework Support 
Advanced Homework Support 
Your Work Habits 
Your Work Personality Traits 
Learning More About Your Work Habits


October - Advanced Homework Techniques


How to Most Effectively Study for Tests and Quizzes 
How to Best Tackle Math Problems 
Active Reading for Better Grades 
How to Take Notes to Do Well on Tests 
Advanced Note Taking Practice for Middle School


November - Mindfulness in Academics


Focusing Your Mind 

How to Be Calm Under Pressure 

How to Be Calm Under Pressure 

How to Relax Before Tests and Quizzes or HW 


December - Curiosity and Appreciation 


Making Connections: An Exercise in Critical Thinking (Allegra) 

Build Your Curiosity

The Benefits of Gratitude


January - Life I Love 


Improving Daily Frustrations with Design Thinking 

Realistic Self Talk 

New Year - Your New Schedule/Routines 


February - Better Executive Functioning 


Gaining a Better Sense of Time and How to Transition 

A Better Working Memory 

Thinking Things Through 


March - Having Healthy and Happy Relationships 


How to Help Your Friends

Having Healthier Friendships 

How to Make Yourself Clear

Bullying - What to Do 


April - Managing Anxiety in School 


Tips to Calm Anxiety 

How Your Social and Emotional Memory Works 

You Are Mad - Now What? Smart Things to Do 


May - Life Hacks



Life Hacks 

Tips for Making New Friends

Goals for the Summer


June What We Have Learned 


Life Lessons 

Ideas to Improve Workshop for Next Year


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