Enrichment Classes in April

Week 1/2(depending on your spring break) 

Study Skills: Curiosity vs. Passion

There is a lot of pressure to find your passion. But Gilbert argues that following your curiosities is more realistic and important day to day. In April, Workshop students will do exercises to learn how to become more curious everyday in order to become an active learners. 

Innovation: Improv PhD

Third in a series. This is our most demanding improv classes yet to teach children to trust their instincts and work as a team.


Week 3

Study Skills - Perfectionism

When does being a perfectionist pay off vs. not? We examine the ins and outs of this character trait. 

Innovation - Is it Likely? Are you Lucky?
Students really grapple with probability concepts, and fractions as ratios. We start with a basic question, and work together to answer it. If a penny has a 50-50 chance of heads or tails, and you start flipping, how many flips will it actually take to get a 50-50 split in heads or tails?


Week 4

Study Skills - Class Needs

Teacher track what students most need to work on during individualized study skills, and teach the whole group these skills. 

Innovation - Workshop in Motion

We'll design simple machines and experiments to learn more about the laws of motion.