An In Depth Look at an Innovation Enrichment Classes: My Company

Our Innovation Workshop classes are designed in-house to integrate design thinking, and to teach children to create, persevere, and communicate successfully. Here is an inside peek of one of our units.

My Company is an annual unit, so children often plan their next company throughout the year. Children begin by brainstorming ideas for their company. Companies can produce products or experiences. Children must also form teams and figure out who does what for the company. 

Children develop one prototype of their experience or product and get feedback from classmates and parent visitors. We believe in frequent public speaking experiences. We want Workshop student to grow up being comfortable with public speaking and handling feedback diplomatically. Some years we have older students pitch for investors in their company, trading a percentage of the company for a certain investment amount to purchase supplies.

Now comes the hard part, manufacturing or improving your "experience." The My Company Day deadline helps keep everyone working to produce enough products to sell. 

Finally comes the big day! My Company Day! Parents and visitors come in and use our Workshop money to shop. Every year, across all of the schools, each team is full of pride and excitement. We reflect in our teams and with the students on ways to improve and ideas to try for the following year. My Company is a great example of our units that let each child's talents and interests grow.


Here is a note from a parent after . . . 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for organizing the My Company Day.
It was by far the best event our son has done and he was so proud
of his accomplishment, so are we. 
Thanks again for the support and encouragement for the students, as always.


Examples of Other Innovation Units

Photos from Create Your Own Ice Cream, Building Bridges, and Bubble Magic

Is it Likely? Are You Lucky?

What is luck? What are odds? Learn the useful language of probability while predicting the odds of picking a certain color of M&M’ and collecting winning game strategies!


Bubble Magic

Children compare variables to create the best bubble making recipe. They create tests to compare the "best bubble." They also experiment with designing different wands all while enjoying time outdoors.


Your Code

Study hieroglyphics, sign language, Morse code, and Roman and Greek letters. Unlock math codes to find treasure. Create your own secret code and language with a friend. 


Create Your Own Ice Cream

Experiment to design the perfect ice cream for a friend, parent, or yourself. Start by creating your perfect base: compare 2 different brands of rock salt, and compare milk vs. half and half. Problem solve to design the most fair blind taste test to compare results. Use design thinking to come up with a fun easy way to shake your solution to turn it into ice cream. The class will vote on the best tasting ice cream. 


Workshop in Motion: Exploring Simple Machines and Movement

Why do some things go fast and some things go slow? How do you move an object that is too heavy to lift? Learn how simple machines can make moving things easy and fun! Make objects roll, slide, and glide through the air using devices made by you.


Workshop News Channel

Students will write and broadcast the latest world and local news for the private Workshop News Channel.


Design Challenge

Solve important problems and present your team’s solutions using Stanford’s design thinking approach: deep dive, define the problem, ideate, prototype, and test. 



Learn all about your classmates and yourselves while conducting original surveys, designing visual graphs to share results, and creating theories for the results. 


Puppets Live!

Create shadow, 3-D, and finger puppets to use in your own puppet shows which we film in a final production.


Bridges ~ You Build It!

All hands on deck to build and test unique bridge designs. 


Ace the Author’s Chair

Learn to read your work with confidence and clarity.


Rulers Rule


Measure your way across the U.S. as you create your dream trip.