Workshop Education

Award Winning "Flex Enrichment" Classes


"We're delighted with the academic enrichment program offered by Workshop Education.We've also seen a positive impact on her grades, where she earned the Principal's Honor Roll!"  ~Workshop Parent


We offer enrichment classes for K - 8th graders that really make a difference in school success – Study Skills and Innovation classesWe provide ten classes weekly between school dismissal and 6 p.m. Our "flex scheduling" fits with other classes or sports – parents can request to add or drop a class the evening before. 


Our enrichment classes have been voted a Bay Area Parent Favorite for four years in a row, and have been featured in The New York Times, The Daily JournalUniversity of Virginia education magazine, and Design Thinking in Schools  


We are the best enrichment class provider for K- 8 students. Why? 

  • We offer 360 new enrichment classes each school year with one call and one point of contact.
  • Our study skills and innovation classes offered from school dismissal until 6 p.m. daily help children feel happy and successful in school and life. 
  • Our amazing teachers receive the best ongoing innovative teacher training with online training coupled with in-class coaching and professional development sessions. 
  • Our flexible scheduling online allows parents to request to add or drop a class by 4:59 the evening before.
  • Parents have the ability to pick up when it fits their schedule. 
  • Parents can give child privilege to pin out, attend sport practice or another activity on campus, and pin back in. 
  • Parents only pay only for enrichment classes they schedule and minutes attended. 
  • We have a proven track record of success with helping students. 


We offer our unique "flex enrichment" classes at eight innovative elementary and middle schools in the Bay Area. If you might like Workshop Education classes at your school, contact the founder, Alexa Frisbie, at 650-533-5727 or to learn more about the process.


Workshop Education is a new enrichment model offering enrichment classes with flexible scheduling. We are not a licensed community care licensing after school program that provides care and supervision. In our role providing enrichment classes, we do not provide snacks, administer medicine, provide transportation, or pick up or drop off students that attend our program. Children are free to come and go to other enrichment classes, sports or to child care on campus. When you register, your child is not obligated to attend any of the Workshop Education Study Skills or Innovation enrichment classes unless you request to attend a class. 



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