Workshop Education

Award Winning "Flex Enrichment" Classes


 "I do better in school with less stress." ~ Workshop Student


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What We Do

We teach children the skills they need to be happy and successful in school and life, at our "flex" schedule after school enrichment classes at 8 locations in the Bay Area.

How We Do It

We provide a Study Skills and Innovation Workshop class on all days school is in session, running from dismissal until 6 p.m. The format is mini-lesson, homework or project time, and reflective presentations. Our students learn by doing, and we give children choice to engage them fully in their learning. Parents can request to add or drop classes until 4:59 p.m. the evening before.

Why We Do It

Our driving goal is to make learning connected and engaging, after experiencing the opposite of that growing up. We are also driven to share what we wished we had had more time to teach - important skills that are difficult to fit in during the school day, that make a tremendous difference in children's lives. Finally, we are committed to the flex scheduling aspect of the program in response to being parents and realizing how many moving parts there are in afternoon scheduling.


Here are some of the 360 lessons we are teaching this year with our award winning workshops: 

  • Understanding your work style and others
  • What flexible thinking looks like
  • How to best position yourself to play to your strengths
  • What to do when your first idea doesn't work
  • How to calm yourself quickly to have "grace under pressure"


Our enrichment classes have been voted a Bay Area Parent Favorite for five years in a row, and have been featured in The New York Times, The Daily JournalUniversity of Virginia education magazine, and Design Thinking in Schools  


Workshop Education is a new enrichment model offering enrichment classes with flexible scheduling. We are not a licensed community care licensing after school program that provides care and supervision. In our role providing enrichment classes, we do not provide snacks, administer medicine, provide transportation, or pick up or drop off students that attend our program. Children are free to come and go to other enrichment classes, sports or to child care on campus. When you register, your child is not obligated to attend any of the Workshop Education Study Skills or Innovation enrichment classes unless you request to attend a class. 



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