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Overheard ~

 "I do better in school with less stress." 


 It's my favorite part of the day." 


"It was the best day of my life." when asked how the first day at Workshop classes went.

What We Do

We help children discover their unique strengths and find joy in social learning with our after school enrichment classes focusing on study skills and innovation abilities. We help reduce scheduling stress with our unique online "flex" scheduling.


We began teaching a few students at North Hillsborough in 2009, and now serve 533 students at eight schools in the Bay Area ~ South, North, West, Roy Cloud, Northstar, Farallone View, Hatch, and Woodside Elementary Schools. Next year, we will be opening our first middle school only program at Crocker Middle School. 


Our enrichment classes have been voted a Bay Area Parent Favorite for five years in a row, and have been featured in The New York Times, The Daily JournalUniversity of Virginia education magazine, and Design Thinking in Schools  

How We Do It

We provide a Study Skills and Innovation Workshop class on all days school is in session, running from dismissal until 6 p.m. The Workshop format is mini-lesson, homework or project time, and reflective presentations. The class has a challenge that really asks the child to bring problem solving to the table, a level of autonomy to create, and sharing time to learn as a community.


Our classes start at school dismissal when students come to sign. Parents can pick up whenever they like. Study Skills class ends at 4:30 and Innovation class ends between 5:30 and 6:00. Parents can request to change schedules by 4:59 p.m. the evening before, but must keep their schedules accurate.

Why We Do It

Workshop was originally created in response to experiences the founder had as a student, teacher, and parent. 


  • As a student, she learned how learning could be excruciatingly dull or fascinating, all depending on how it was taught. 
  • As a teacher, she learned which skills she wished she had more time to teach. 
  • Finally, as a parent, she learned how maddening fitting together the jigsaw puzzle in the afternoon could be. 

With a growing team of talented teachers, Workshop Education takes all subjects, and connects them to how children learn best - in a caring environment with lots of choice to actively engage them. We teach study and life skills that matter most - executive functioning and innovation skills. Finally, we allow children to sign in and out to go to other activities on campus and allow parents to change schedules the evening before. This reduces stress for students, and helps parents make the afternoon "jigsaw puzzle" fit together.


Here are a few of the skills Workshop students will learn this year: 

  • Understanding their work style
  • What flexible thinking looks like and how to practice it
  • How to best position yourself to play to your strengths
  • What to do when your first idea doesn't work
  • How to calm yourself quickly to have "grace under pressure"


Workshop Education is a new enrichment model offering enrichment classes with flexible scheduling. We are not a licensed community care licensing after school program that provides care and supervision. In our role providing enrichment classes, we do not provide snacks, administer medicine, provide transportation, or pick up or drop off students that attend our program. Children are free to come and go to other enrichment classes, sports or to child care on campus. When you register, your child is not obligated to attend any of the Workshop Education Study Skills or Innovation enrichment classes unless you request to attend a class. 


What Workshop student will learn this year:

2018-19 Study Skills Annual Plan and 2018-19 Innovation Annual Plan 


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